About us

Our motif of founding site of the 3D Zone is the fact that most of the world's many portals do not address the content of value. If you look at these sites, many of the models, which are notoriously repetitive and too many models, which increases the value of the somewhat lagging. We believe that 3D modeling and print objects can simplify and enhance everyday situations and the needs of the common man. No matter whether the application will be professional, domestic or commercial. The aim is to maintain the basis of useful and unique ideas that will be beneficial. 3D Zone may not contain millions of objects, it will be useful to them contain only thousands, we will consider our mission for filled. We flocked there useful models and their real creator. Not those who download the idea of someone else, add him two dots and then exposed as its model. I think morally technical perception each of us understands what is meant.

We are at the beginning. Learning models to sort into groups and keywords so that they are easy to find. We will be glad for each reminder, warning and critical. 3D modeling and 3D printing are worth it and we believe that this makes it easier for all of us and make your future life.

If we can ask, if you have model of something useful, ideally the practice of verified, save it on the 3D zone. This may be to the benefit.

Team 3D Zona thanks.