When you paste the models will each step displays the detailed help, these are only general guidelines for use of the site.

- If you insert and modify models, or models you want to rate, and comment on, it is necessary to register.

- When browsing and downloading objects, registration is not required.

- Before registering please read business and license terms, registrations to confirm acceptance of the terms.

- Please fill out the registration information correctly and according to the fact.

- The model will always try to fit into the corresponding category to best searchable.

- The operator has, in its usouzení the right, move the model into other categories.

- After the upload is issued immediately displays the model, but the editors have a right to invalidate a model for approval.

- Models can be stored under a public or private licenses. For more information, see business and license requirements.

- According to the number of embedded models, you get membership level. First, the user gets the bronze on silver and finally Gold level. You can determine the level of user either by color frame portrait photos and or by the color of the stars of the user name.

 - If you download the model and you will be satisfied with him, compliment the author. Not only that, but you'll thank the author of the evaluation, you will help other users.

If you do not know, despite the help of the Council, do not hesitate to ask for and we will be happy to help you.