Business requirement

The use of the Web site 3D Zona is completely free. As the provider of this service (Elvira spol. s.r.o. COMPANY REGISTRATION NUMBER 18631665), we consider that it is beneficial to users who develop something that is for the benefit of others, and are willing to provide them free of charge, however it would be immoral to charge. Our aim is to popularize 3D technology so as to have become part of everyday life or easily accessible professional tool. As well as drill, screwdriver or any other tool. Our business conditions do not include any requirements that are different from the terms of the license. If you want to give their creations free of charge – 3Dzona was just because of that. If you want to charge for their models, please use other storage. To all who save their creations on 3Dzona thank you. We blame others for their commercial requirements.

Licenses requirement

When inserting model, you have a choice of two licenses, private and public. Private license leaves the author the copyright intellectual property rights model to model. You can browse the model in the 3D portal, download, and print the zone for private purposes. The model fitted with a private licence cannot be further edited, commercially exploit or redistribute without the consent of the author. Public license allows you to use the model freely for private and commercial purposes. The author disclaims copyright model and the model it is possible to arbitrarily modify, use and distribute. In the event that you are unsure of which license to choose for your model, or you think that your model someone exploited do not hesitate to contact us.